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Are you unable or unwilling to read through the confusing details about the services offered by all the cleaning companies around? We think we understand. You need your home clean before or after a party or family celebration and also everything to be taken care of.

Our team of extremely hard-working and meticulous people from the Philippines will do a great cleaning job for you and can also cook some original Pad Thai or other Asian food for you.



Nina Jessa

36 years old - I come from Panglao Island where I worked as a chef. I have three children – two girls and a boy – and me and my wife decided to live and work abroad because of them. It is extremely difficult to earn enough money to look after your family in the Philippines. I am now in Prague and my wife is working in Hong Kong as a babysitter.

31 years old - I used to work on Panglao Island as a chef and painter. I have a wife and three sons. When I got the opportunity to work in Prague, we agreed that I would leave and try to secure the whole family financially.

36 years old - I used to work in Qatar as a domestic worker. After I went back to the Philippines, I was employed as a waitress at the Hotel Bilvio. I always wanted to travel to Europe and work there. Thanks to Michal, I am now in Prague and can show you all the things I can do.

29 years old - I studied maritime goods shipping and shipping routes at university. First, I worked in my uncle’s construction company where I renovated buildings. Later I worked at the Hotel Bilvio as a waiter. But I was always drawn to Europe and I’m happy to be able to work in Prague now.

28 years old - I come from Panglao Island and I have already had a number of professions. I once worked with Jonard as a house painter, and I have also worked as a tourist guide on Bohol Island. One day, my uncle told me that Michal was looking for people to work for him in Prague. I had to take this opportunity both for work and also to see a new country.

I'm Jovelyn Cloma 28 years old, In Philippines I worked as assistant chefcook. I am currently working now here in Prague  as Michal cleaner so I grab gave met he opportunity. I have 3 children.


26 years old - After school, I went on a year’s course as an assistant and receptionist at a hotel, after which I worked in the hotel on reception. I didn’t feel particularly fulfilled by this work, however, and I went back to my original profession as a hairdresser. One day, my friend Rossa told me she was going for an interview and asked me if I wanted to work in Prague as well. I gave it a try and now we are here together.

Before cleaning
After cleaning



Koněvova 2660/141

130 00 Praha 3


Tel.: +420 224 800 220

Mob:+420 720 032 301

E-mail: info(zavináč)uklidmi(tečka)cz


Cleaning orders:

from 8am till 6pm

Monday - Friday


Billing information

Michal Anýž

Třebešovská 2254/105

193 00 Praha 9

Horní Počernice


IČ: 69528608

DIČ: CZ8008140261

Bankovní spojení: 772 772 772/0600

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