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Dezinfekce proti koronaviru
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We work without restrictions We disinfect until 24 h

Our company reserves the right to refuse the ordered service to people, companies or institutions that are quarantined in connection with COVID-19 or have been confirmed to be infected with the COVID-19 virus. By ordering a cleaning or ancillary service, you declare that no cases of COVID-19 are known at the place of performance of the ordered service or in its immediate vicinity, even in a state of quarantine or suspicion. Furthermore, you undertake to inform us up to 14 days in advance of any change regarding the spread or infection of COVID-19, and to inform the associated quarantine. In the event of concealing this fact, legal action will be taken against your person or company to compensate for any damage that would be caused to our company by your actions.

Thank you for understanding, Ukliďmi.




Do you offer short-term accommodation and do not have the time or inclination to clean, wash, change the beds and prepare everything for your guests? We can take care of everything for you and even hand the keys over to your clients.


  • Vacuum-cleaning carpets, vacuuming and washing floors.
  • Dusting accessible surfaces of furniture, light switches, pictures and shelves to a height of 180 cm.
  • Cleaning kitchen counter and wiping work surfaces, polishing cupboard handles and knobs, wiping door knobs.
  • Cleaning sinks and taps, wiping and dusting appliances and extractor hood.
  • Washing dishes.
  • Emptying waste baskets.
  • Washing floors and, if necessary, cleaning the entire bathroom.
  • Washing and disinfecting WC, washbasin, taps, shower and bath, polishing mirrors.
  • Changing bedding, tidying and making beds.
  • We can also wash the bedding for you.


Airbnb cleaning Prague




Jankovcova 1566/2b

170 00 Praha 7


Mob:+420 725 971 256

E-mail: info(zavináč)uklidmi(tečka)cz


Cleaning orders:

from 8am till 6pm

Monday - Friday


Billing information

Michal Anýž

Třebešovská 2254/105

193 00 Praha 9

Horní Počernice


IČ: 69528608

DIČ: CZ8008140261

Bankovní spojení: 772 772 772/0600

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